Summer 2013 - Upstairs at Glenn Horowitz Bookseller

ARMITAGE GONE! Megumi Portfolio: August 5 – August 18, Reception August 10, 6-8pm

MEGUMI is a limited edition portfolio of signed and numbered prints commissioned in 2013 with an introduction by Laurie Anderson. Glenn Horowitz will host a display of ten of these works by artists including David Salle, Eric Fischl and Nate Lowman. Proceeds of the sales go towards helping Armitage Gone! Dance. “Beautiful ballerinas are often caught in their own beauty. They definitely don’t know how to mug. But Megumi can morph in a flash from small boy to impossibly regal diva to small squirrel chewing on a nut.” – Laurie Anderson


JOEL PERLMAN: July 6 – August 4, 2013, Reception July 6, 6-8pm

Perlman is a sculptor for sculpture’s sake, intuitively cutting and constructing raw material forms out of pure aesthetic interest. He is best known for large-scale gravity-defying works of bronze, iron, and aluminum whose industrial nature bares evidence of Russian constructionist influence. The works on view are a series of maquettes: table-top-sized models cast in bronze with varying patinas. Each is its own neat agglomeration of geometry, poised and propped to create negative space equally powerful to the positive. The circle, a shape Perlman hesitated to pick up for its repellent perfection, energizes and mobilizes the metal, while rods and gear-like edges imply mechanization without the tedium of automation.