Rock ‘n’ Roll Shrink

Sunday, September 2, 2012 from 6 to 8pm

East Hampton Gallery | 87 Newtown Lane

Glenn Horowitz Bookseller will host Peter Dayton’s rocknrollshrink record release on September 2, 2012 6-8pm, concurrent with a preview of the exhibition Andy Warhol: Album Covers.

rocknrollshrink is a compilation of Peter Dayton’s ongoing psychological exploration of multigenerational recollections related to the democratic institution of rock and roll.  In the grooves of this clear vinyl 12” 45rpm is an edited archive of recordings from Dayton’s participatory performances wherein the artist assumes the role of an unlicensed psychiatrist and explores the impact of music on his patients’ psyche and personal past. The artist recorded these conversations at venues such as fordPROJECT, GREY AREA JMC@Glenn Horowitz Bookseller, where performances occurred spontaneously throughout the exhibitions with resulting testimonials such as: “Rock and Roll destroyed my life,” John, 43 years old and “My Uncle gave me Blonde on Blonde when I was eight…so there ya go,” Katrina, age unknown, “Rock and Roll is about fucking, that’s what it means” Eric 51 years old.

Founder of the seminal 70’s punk band La Peste, Peter Dayton has explored the intersection between visual art and rock music for decades.  Years in the making, this vinyl culmination of rocknrollshrink is a mashup of art object, performance and an archive of a punk rock anthropological experiment.

The 12” 45rpm with artist designed cover and label is available in an edition of 150. The record includes a liner note insert with the names of patients on the album. For those who don’t own a record player, an mp3 will be available for download at

Everyone who knows anything about Andy Warhol is aware he began as a designer/illustrator, but lesser known is the fact that his success as an illustrator began when his arrival in New York City overlapped with the marketing of the long play record in 1949. This complete collection, 60 in total, ranges from the Stone’s ubiquitous Sticky Fingers zipper cover, to the full page blotted line drawings found in Tchaikovsky’s Swan Lake Acts I & II. A rare opportunity to view this collection in full, this exhibition will preview on September 2nd, 6-8pm and run through September 24.


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