The Ezra Pound Collection of Richard Frary

A collection of over 150 items—manuscripts, correspondence, inscribed first editions, books from Pound’s library, and ephemera—documenting the tumultuous life and work of Ezra Pound, beginning with A Lume Spento—Pound’s legendary, elusive, and fragile first book, published in Venice at his own expense in 1908 in an edition of 150—and culminating with his manuscript notebooks for the Paradiso section of his epic Cantos. Other highlights include a typescript draft from The Pisan Cantos; one of fifteen signed copies on vellum of Hugh Selwyn Mauberley; an inscribed copy of A Draft of XXX Cantos; over 400 letters from Pound to his friend Reverend Henry Swabey; Pound’s personal copy of Dante’s Divine Comedy; and much more. Features stunning black-and-white photographs by Beowulf Sheehan of fourteen modern-day poets holding their favorite pieces from the collection.

Wrappers; 100 pages; illustrated throughout in black-and-white: $45

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