The Marguerite A. (“Missy”) LeHand Franklin D. Roosevelt Collection

Our newest catalog documents an important collection chronicling the 25-year personal and professional relationship between the Franklin D. Roosevelt and his principal private secretary, Marguerite LeHand, familiarly known as “Missy.” She was the first woman to serve as a presidential secretary, and the archive adds much-needed detail to her role as an invaluable “gatekeeper” and problem-solver in the Roosevelt White House. The core of the collection consists of the personal letters Roosevelt wrote to her after a 1941 stroke forced her to leave the White House, along with over 100 books inscribed by him and presented to her as gifts; nearly 300 photographs of her and Roosevelt—many unknown, “off-duty” candid shots never before seen—augment the already extensive holdings. Notable items from the collection are pictured throughout the catalog. A rich and valuable source of FDR material, from the last archive of his inner circle still in private hands.

Wrappers; 85 pages; illustrated throughout in full color: $40

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